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    This was a cold night with snow from the day still covering the ground. Luckily the cloud from today were clear leaving the skies clear and the stars as bright as if candles were being lit in the sky. It was a perfect time to go look into the stars. This is what Charge needed due to certain events ended every quickly. First he thought he was going to be a big hero, saving Santa from that evil devil name Ayumi. He was just going to wait for the right moment to pounce on her and stop her plans, but there was one thing he did not account on. That thing was her attention span. She was close to getting what she wanted, but at the last minute, she got bored and left leaving her partners and minions behind.  After taking care of them, Charge and the others say good bye to each other and left the area. He felt sort of cheated, he was hoping for some big battle with high steaks and rewards, but she took that away from him. He did not know what to do after that. That’s when he walked off the woods by himself. This gave him something to do as he waited for the next event to happen. He laid down and looked into the sky. What he can see was the stars and planets twinkle across the sky. He spent hours connecting the stars to form shapes such as the big dipper. Then something caught his attention. He saw a ball of flame come crashing towards the earth. As the object got closer to earth, he could see that the ball of fire was a ship about to crash into earth if he didn’t do something about it. In his mind he started to calculate where the crash was going to happen. He figured out that it wasn’t going to be far from where he was standing. He runs to the area and raises his hands.

    Charge: Alright I hope this works

     The ship was firing up as it was making its way to where Charge was at. The ship was large as a two story house. As it hits the earth, Charge was able to catch and put it down, but the flames were so hot that the clothes off and his skin was melting from his body like paper does when it hits water.  He was screaming in pain and was about to lie down and let his healing factor do its job until he saw a little blonde girl in a blue dress in the passenger seat out cold. He sighs as he knew who it was. He then moves to the door and with one arm, rips the door open and quickly enters the ship. The smoke filled the halls and was black as coal. This burned his eyes as he kicks down the door. He then goes to the little girl.

    Charge: Hey Energiea, you live?  

    She was out and did not respond. He put his ear near her chest to check see if her heart was beating and put his hand near her mouth to check and see if she was breathing. He sighed in relief to find out she was and begins to gently slap her in the face to wake her up. She wakes up but looks scarred and having a weak voice.

    Energiea: C-cha cha Charge?

    Charge: What the hell happen? You ok?

    Energiea: Dolls..Attack, sister..In...There... (She points to the ship.)     

    Charge: Dolls? Finally some action, you stay here (He says with a smirk on his face he goes back into the ship.)

    As he reenters the ship, he could hear the clinging of blades going on down the hall. He runs as fast as he could with excitement on his face. When he goes to where the sounds were, he shall Akosmia being surrounding by three beings. Each of them look like store mannequins, with two having long blonde hair. One was wearing a blue dress and looking like an adult Enerigea while the other was wearing a black dress that looked like Akosmia. The third one didn’t look much like any on the angels, but Charge knew her well as they fought several times before and he knows her afraid of him. He decided that this would be a short fight, so why not have some fun with this.  As the three got closer to Akosmia, Charge had an idea that would get their attention.

    Charge: MORTAL KOMBAT!

    The three look up and see him as he leaps down. While they were distracted, Akosmia turns Pragma into a hammer and knocks the Enerigea doll head off. The Akosmia doll charges at Charge forming her hands into blades and started slicing at Charge, but he easily dodges as he continues singing the Mortal Kombat theme song, to toy with her. She sliced faster and faster, but Charge just kept dodging until he got bored with her. So he grabs her bladed arms and easily rips them off. While this was going on, Akosima turned pragma into a sword and was trying her best to defend herself, but she was growing weak and slow. Evil pragma kicked her to the wall again and was about to go for a fatal blow when Charge punched the Akosima doll head off and spin kicked it at Evil Pragma head, knocking it off with Charge doing its good field goal sign in the process. He then carries Akosima and pragma out of the burning ship and lays her next to Energiea. They looked badly hurt due to the crash and the fighting.

    Charge ponders on what to do next, when an idea comes up. Grabs pragma and uses his electric powers to turn him into a portal and grab the girls and go through the portal. He takes the girls into the beach where he and Isis stay. Isis was lying in the beach wearing a white wife beater shirt and some shorts. She was sleeping after a long night of protecting the city... This made Charge idea easier; he then turns Pragma into a medical syringe and stabs Isis with it. Luckily she was a light sleeper and didn’t feel a thing. He took some of her blood and poured it into the angel wounds. This made Pragma finally speak to Charge.

    Pragma: This is highly dangerous and unrealistic.

    Charge: Shut up, and enjoy the damn story.

     The wounds on the angels start to heal as the process starts working. This made Charge very happy to prove Pragma wrong. The angels were sleeping hard so Charge picked them up and gently placed them in a tent. He then grabbed a large blanket and placed it over the both of them. They continue sleeping over in the tent all night. In the morning Akosmia was the first to wake up after hearing some yelling from Charge and Pragma yelling. She walks out of the tent.


    Charge: He won’t even listen to my idea.

    Pragma: You are highly irresponsible being that could do a lot of damage to whatever you do, and you’re a moron.

    Akosima: Let’s hear him out, he did save our lives.

    Charge: I want to give gifts to those who were screwed out of the Christmas wars being canceled. So what I was hoping to use pragma to help me travel to them and give gifts to them.

    Akosima: See that’s not a bad idea, but I’m coming along and having Isis watches Energiea.

    Charge: I have no problem with it.

    Pragma: Well I do, and if...

    Akosima gives him puppy eyes, causing Pragma to sigh.

    Pragma: Fine, we can do it.

    Charge: Good I have someone in mind already.

    Pragma turns into a portal and the two walk though. The other side was a dark and rainy city. They could see a man sitting on a bus stop. He was wearing a dirty and bloody lab suite with a name tag that says Marshal, no shoes and broken glasses. He had a sad expression as the three walked to him. He sees Charge and the others and changes his sad expression to an angry one.

    Marshal: YOU!

    Charge: Well well aren’t we in a happy mood today.

    Marshal: I should have killed you.

    Charge: Hey man remember last time, oh wait you don’t need to remember your wearing the reminder.

    Marshal growls at him, but then suddenly turns his attention to Akosima and starts to smile on how pretty she looked to him. He got up and walked to him and extends his right hand to her. She gladly accepts it and shakes his hand.

    Marshal: Hello love, you look pretty, what’s your name? Mine is Marshal.

    Akosmia: I’m Akosmia, and you don’t look bad yourself.

    She winks at him suggesting something that Charge may not understand, but this did bring up a feeling he not use too. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he didn’t feel right seeing them flirt. He even felt that they were holding their hands for too long. He decided to interrupt them.

    Charge: Don’t get too close Ako, he might turn you into an apple.

    Marshal: Don’t listen to him

    Akosmia: Why he got you a gift?

    Marshal: He did?

    Charge: Yes I did, now follow us

    Charge walks off as Akosmia takes his hand and enters Pragma portal to the other side. This other side showed a nice clean lab. This caused Marshal jaw drop as he quickly ran around and looked around and saw that it almost had everything he wanted, minus anything that can affect humans. He looked back at Charge.

    Marshal: Ok how you get this?

    Charge: The details are not important, but this is, if you use this lab to make girls into fruit, I will find out and when I do I will end you. I would beat your ass so bad that there won’t be any evidence that you ever existed, got it?

    Marshal: Whatever, Ms. Akosmia, may I interest you in an apple pie?

    Akosima: No thank you.

    Marshal: Please.

    Akomia: No.

    Marshal: But I just baked it.

    Akosmia: It’s still a no.

    She started to get annoyed. This was when Marshal pulled the pie out and tried to force her to eat it. This resulted in Akosima to grab pragma and turn him into a giant hammer, and uses it to whack him into a wall. This made Charge smile seeing him get knocked into a wall. When Marshal fell to the floor, he was out cold.

    Akosmia: I said no and that’s final.

    Charge: He’s out cold Thor. Let’s get moving to the stairway to heaven.

    Akosmia: Who is Thor?

    Charge: I was just trying to make a comic book joke and a transition.

    As they walk through the Pragma portal, it would bring them to a small road that leads to one of the biggest castles they have ever seen. It was built with gray stone and the front side had these large windows. A large wooden door with a golden handle stood in front of the pair. Charge knocked on it as hard as he could cause the door to shake violently until the owner open the door. She was a tall woman with blue angel like wings. She was wearing a pink bra and panty set, and looked so great that Akosmia hunched over and started to nose bleed. The angel looked down at the two with a displeasing look.

    Charge: Hey Lamb

    Lamb: What is it Charge, I’m in the middle of something and what is with her?

    Charge: ignore her. She just having her anime moment, anyways I got a gift for you.

    As soon as he says that, they would hear another person getting to the door.  A red-haired woman can be seen behind Lamb. She was wearing a black bra and panty set. Akosmia fainted at the sight of her. Once she saw them, she gave Charge an angry annoyed looked which caused her red bat like wings to expand in the air. Charge puts his hand on his face in annoyance too.

    Charge: Aww crap you bitch ass motherfucker, Ayumi why the fuck are you here?

    Ayumi: Well it isn’t obvious?

    Lamb: Look who we are talking too and ask yourself that hun.

    (Ayumi smiles)

    Ayumi: Oh yea

    Charge: Why you leave the war?

    Ayumi: I was bored.

    Charge: Whatever I got you a gift too.

    Ayumi: Oh really?

    Charge: Yea, I’ve been doing research and apparently woman like to wear some underwear, and the guy said that this underwear vibrate, for what I’m assuming is after a tense workout I guess. The strange thing is that they got some remote; I guess you can watch T.V. on them or something?

    Lamb: Thanks for the gifts and the laughs

    They both start laughing again as they grab the gifts. Lamb slams the door on them as Charge can hear them moaning after their laughter. He figured they like the gifts as he looks at an unconscious Akosima and decided it was her time for a gift. He picks her up on his shoulders and walks to the Pragma portal. Soon later Akosima wakes up as Charge put some lipstick on her lips causing Akosmia to kick him hard between the legs.

    Akosima: What the (bleep) Charge?!

    Charge: Its part of your gift, trust me.

    He pulls on Pragma, and turns him into a full body mirror. She would see herself in a black strapless dress that looked very classy. It fit perfectly and her wings did not get in the way of the dress. She then looked at her feet to see red ruby slippers that fit perfectly on her and she balanced well on them which surprised her as she usually falls do to her clumsiness.

    Akosima: Did you dress me while I was out?

    Charge: I would of but Pragma said he did it.

    Akosima: You got him to help you dress me?

    Charge: And much more, you’ll see when you walk out of here.

    Akosima: How you get him to help you?

    Charge: We had a talk, and that is all you need to know.

    Akosima: But...

    Before she could ask anything else, he grabs her and takes her to a dancing hall at a local center. There were balloons everywhere, a table with punch, a piano and a mic and amps on the stage. She would look up a see pragma turned into a disco ball. The rest of the room was in dark colors to help the disco ball stand out.

    Akosima: You did this for me?

    Charge: Well it isn’t over yet, those shoes you’re wearing, well let’s just say the technology in them to help you dance with anyone you want, and you will dance like a professional.

    Akosima: How you get this?

    Charge: I know a guy, now your dance partner will be coming soon.

    Akosima: Oh really who?

    Charge: Well it’s more like you have two.

    He would then point to a round table where Trene and Lihn were sitting. They were wearing the same red dress, lipstick and shoes. They looked extremely nervous as they see Akosima walked to them as she felt nervous too as Charge walked to the stage.

    Akosima: What are you two doing here?

    Linh: We were on my cruise ship talking about art when we stopped here, and well he came to use and told us his gift for you, I told him that it was nice and all but we are limited on time due to the ship time. He said he got and dived into the water, and lifted the ship from the ocean and put it on the beach. Needless to say, I’m a little scarred for my life after seeing that.

    Akosima: He doesn’t mean you harm and I can control him, so you’re safe with me?

    Linh: Are you sure?

    Akosima: Trust me I know his weaknesses, and its puppies, just don’t ask. I think he was doing this for a gift with me.

    Linh: He did mention a dance and a good time

    Trene nods and smiles, but neither of them seems to dance as all three were nervous for different reasons. Trene and Linh for what they saw Charge do, and akosima for her clumsiness. This made Charge comes up with an idea to have them get up and dance. He went up on turned everything on and walked up to the mic and sing a song that he would believe get everyone starts dancing too.

    Charge: They call me deadpool,I’m hella fast. Came to merc the bad guys and get some ass. Got blades for days,got guns galore. Got combo moves,evades and more. With bear traps and hand grenades. Pull the pistol like a maniac right in your face. Poppin off caps, leave a trail of guts. Sittin’ on my chair, scratchin my nuts. Don’t stop when I shoot, full-auto is on. Your ass is grass, and I’ mowin the lawn. Hot lead to the head and I won’t stop. Whatcha crew gunna do when I hack and chop? But all these bitches are prima donnas. I stuff my face with chimichangas. Tacos and beers, always keepin it loose. Hang on for a minute while I’m droppin’ a deuce. (Deadpool) Sexy motherfucker.


    Charge continued to sing as the beats moved on. Linh then smiles as she finds the beat kind of catchy and grabs Akosima and Trene arms and starts walking the to the dance floor. She begins to shack her hips as Trene soon followed. Akosmia hoped the shoes were working as she begins to dance and to the amazement to the girls and herself she was doing pretty good and started having fun. When Charge started to sing some songs that required slow dancing, she slow danced with both of them and she grabbed both there asses. This was one of the best nights she had, and it was all thanks to the bolt boy she called a friend. 

Here my gift to some of my DA friends.
Also the song by Teamheadkick just in case
Ayumi belongs to :iconhtfman114:
Akosima, Energiea and pragma and she-pragma belong to :iconsailorenergy:
marshal belongs to :iconraysona:
Lamb belongs to :iconpropertyoflamb:

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SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAHHAHAHA! You did a great job! (and better than before too) :clap:  I laughed at  a bunch of funny parts. :XD: :giggle:

This "Charge: Shut up, and enjoy the damn story." is the funniest of all:

AKosmia looks up the "Thor" comic and goes "OH, now I get it!. Heheheh."

Great job, and thank you!  Do you still want me to draw one with Rendo and Jasmine in it or  shall I draw something based on this story? ^_^
homeboy8221 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Artist
thank you and I'm glad you liked it, and hmm which do you like to do? I see both lol
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep!  That's what I'm trying to decide on. :XD:
homeboy8221 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Artist
well what part do you want to draw from the story?
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just noted you. I think I have an idea for what would happen next. ;)
homeboy8221 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Artist
alright lol
SailorEnergy Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
homeboy8221 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2016  Student Artist
ok lol
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