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Today is my last day of winter break, that means I will have to start school tomorrow. Due to this, I will most likely only have time to log on at night and/or weekends and holidays . I still want to continue the rps so don't you worry about that, as far as writing stories, that is going to be a wait and see, my bet is I won't be able to write a story until May, but I will like get a few in before then, but that just depends on school. So have a good day and or night.
It was a few weeks after Charge encountered with James the puppy killer. Within those weeks, he kept his word for half the puppies that he saved had new homes to call their own. Unfortunately, the other half weren’t as lucky as many people passed on them for one reason or another.
Charge (Please can we keep them?)
Isis (no)
Charge (Why the fuck not?)
Isis (Look at where we are we can barely take care of ourselves let alone some puppies.)
Charge (It seems fine to me.)
Isis (Listen you moron, if you don’t get rid of those puppies, I’ll take them to the pound.)
Charge (Not the nasty old pound)
Isis (Yes, that one now you have 24 to get rid of these puppies)
Charge (Aww, man get, you’re not every happy this year.)
Isis (Well, you better get used to it)
She gives him the box with the puppies in it.
Isis (Now go find these things a home.)
Charge (Ok, miss bossy pants.)
He starts walking away pondering what to do.
Charge: How am I going to find you guys a home so quickly? It will have to be some amount of…
Before he could finish his sentence, someone fell on top of him.
Charge: What the fuck?
Moaning can be heard as a women gets up from atop of him. She had black hair and black robotic batwings. She was wearing a Santa suite.
Charge: Akosmia?
Akosmia: Yea
Charge: For having batwings, you sure suck at flying.
Akosima: I keep telling you, I can’t fly. Those @#$@# wings are too Bleeping heavy.
Charge gathers the puppies and puts them back into the box.
Akosmia: What are you doing?
Charge: Isis told me to get rid of the puppies within 24 hours or she will put them to the pound.
Akosmia: Well, good luck with them.
Charge: Wait, do you have Santa’s sleigh?
Akosmia: Yea, Pragma built it. What’s your point?
Charge: That can help.
Akosmia: Eh, I don't know.
Charge: Please, I’ll do anything.
Akosmia: Anything?
Charge nods
Akosmia has an evil grin on her face.
Charge: O boy.
Akosmia: Don’t you worry, I got something planned.
Charge: So you will do it?
Akosima sighs: Yea sure but you better keep those things under control. I don't want them to pee and poop all over the gifts.
Charge: YAY!!
Hops on Santa Sleigh to see Pragma and Energeia.
Charge: Hey guys.
Energeia: “Hi Charge!”
Pragma sighs at the sight of him.
Charge: Hey what’s wrong?
Pragma: Every time, you and Akosmia get near each other, crazy stuff happens.
Charge: But I came for a good cause this time.
Shows the cute puppies with their tails wiggling.
Energeia: “Oh, they're cute!” (grabs the puppy)
She hugs the puppy.
Energiea: “Akosmia! Can I have one?!”
Akosmia: No.
Energiea:  :(
Pragma: We do not have the means of taking care of them.
Energeia: Oh, all right. (puts the puppy back with other puppies)
Pragma: I ask both of you to please be on your best behavior.
Charge: I will be like an angel
Pragma: Good.
Akosmia get into the sleigh.
Akosmia: You guys ready?
They all nod as it takes off to the sky.
The first house they hit was in the middle of the woods. It was a big house that looked like it was built several hundred years ago. Next to it was a grave yard that had the roots reaching the tops of the tombstones. As the land on the roof, Charge was pondering something.
Akosmia: What are you thinking about, bolt boy?
Charge: How are we going to get into the house?
Akosmia: Leave that to me.
She grabs him and tosses him down the chimney causing a loud crashing sound as he lands to the bottom.
Energiea transforms Pragma into a rope to be used to lower the puppy box down the chimney as Charge grabs the box.
Charge: Ok guys I got them.
As soon as he says it, long black tentacles rap him up causing him to drop the box. This forces him to turn around to see Sam, the daughter of slender man.
Sam: Who dares to enter my home?
Charge: Certainly, not a Japanese school girl, now but me down now.
She let him go after recognizing his voice.
Sam: Charge, what brings you here?
Charge: Those puppies you caused me to drop.
Sam: O I am sorry about that.
Uses her tentacles to pick up the puppies and place them back into the box and gives it back to him.
Sam: Here you go.
Charge: Pick one.
Sam: Really?
Charge: It’s the reason why I am here.
She looks at all the cute puppies and picks a golden receiver.
Sam: This one.
It begins to lick her face causing Sam to giggle.
Charge: It seems to like you.
Then suddenly sounds are heard from the roof as Akosmia and Pragma had been knocked off the roof and is tangled up in the bushes. She's bleeping up to high heaven.
Charge and Sam run out to them.
Charge: What happened?
Akosmia: Some clown guy jumped us and he's up there with Energeia.
Charge: O no
Meanwhile on the roof she was alone with Jeff the killer. His face scared her most as it was white as paper and his eyes felt like they were looking deep into her soul. He pulls out his knife and begins to chuckle.
Jeff: Go to sleep.
He moves closer but before he could do anything, Charge punched him in the face when Sam tossed him up upon the roof.
Charge: So you look like the joker and use CM PUNK saying. Do I call you Cm Joker?
Jeff growls and slashes at him which Charge easily dodges and grabs him lifts him up and tosses him off the roof causing him to land in an empty grave.
Akosmia claps.
Charge: You ok Energiea?
Energiea nods and smiles: Thank you for saving me.
Charge: Your welcome kid. Come on Ako, we got to go other houses.
Akosmia: Yea yea yea I know.
Pragma forms into a ladder which she uses to climb up to the roof.
Akosmia: So where to next?
Charge: O I have an idea hop on.
They get into the sleigh and fly off to a medieval looking castle.
Akosmia: Who lives here?
Charge: Well, Satan kinda
Akosima: Who?
Charge: You will see.
They land and then Charge and Akosmia enter the castle.
The smell of brimstone covered the whole area and items both old and new where in each of the rooms.
Akosmia: What kind of person lives here?
Charge: A princess.
Akosmia: Princess? Of what?
Charge: Well, hell in general.
Akosmia: You kidding.
Ayumi emerges from behind her.
Ayumi: He isn’t.
Akosmia turns around to see a black hair white woman wearing a red dress.
Akosmia: So you’re the princess huh?
Ayumi: Yes and you are?
Akosmia: Akosmia, the sexy Angel of Chaos.
Shakes her hand
Ayumi: Ayumi, the princess of hell.
Akosmia: Want some puppies?
Ayumi: That and more.
She says with a wicked smile on her face.
Akosmia: Well take you pick
Ayumi looks into the box and pick a nice hound dog.
Ayumi: This will do, and so will you.
Akosmia: who?
Ayumi eyes turn red, and they seem to hypnotize Akosmia.
Ayumi: You will, now why don’t you take that nice dress of…
Charge uses a spray bottle to spray holy water on Ayumi.
Charge: No, Ayumi, bad Ayumi, she is not a toy.
Hits her with a rolled up newspaper shaped like a Christian cross.
She hisses and growls at him as she leaves the room breaking Akosmia from her trance.
Akosmia: What happened?
Charge: Nothing, let’s go we have few more puppies to give.
As they head back Ayumi opens her window to scream at Charge.
Charge: Actually, that’s our next stop.
He says as he flies off in the sleigh.
Akosmia: So we are going to hell?
Charge: Yea, but it’s not what you think.
Akosmia: How so?
Charge:  I’ll show you.
He teleports them to hell, but instead of it being really red with fire exploding from the ground and souls screaming and begging to be saved from their torture. It was an office that you see in businesses, with white walls, phones ringing and even a watercooler.
Akosmia: So this is hell?
Charge: Well for the workers yea.
They start walking down the hall way to find Mei office. The office was filled with papers of people souls and where they need to go. Underneath the pile of paper was Mei. She had red skin, elf like ears and black ears, eyes and nails and dress. She looks up to see Charge and the others at her door, annoyed.
Mei: You have some guts coming here.
Charge: Well, I don’t like to brag but...
Mei: You’re the reason why half this pile exists; I mean just a few weeks you killed four or five people.
Charge: Hey, some of those were puppy killers and robbers.
Mia: Whatever man, it’s just too much.
Charge: I do keep you employed.
Mia: This is true.
Charge: Besides, I brought you gifts.
He shows the box of puppies.
Mia: O this is a cute one.
Picks up a Saint Bernard as it licks her face making her giggle a little.
Mia: This will do.
Charge: That is a good pick.
She smiles happily as Charge, Akosmia and the others left hell.
Akosima: Nice, so are we done yet?
Charge: Well no I got a few more stops to make then we are done.
She signs in annoyance.
They all get in the sleigh and take off again. This time they visit a different world where the styles of both the 1930’s and 1960’s time periods seemly have combined into this world. They land on top of a bakery and enter the building. As they enter they see a heavy set man beast, which had brown fur, black horns. His face and hands were human, but his lower have was more like a beast with paws that made him look like part werewolf with a big bushy tail.
Charge: Hey Bernard.
Bernard sighs as he knew who was talking to him.
Bernard: Hey Charge, before we begin our conversation, do you guys want a cookie?
They all nodded yes as he gave them gingerbread cookies. This was the best cookie they have ever tasted.
Bernard: I can take it you guys like?
They all nodded.
Bernard: Good, why are you guys here?
Charge: Here's why.
He pulls out a boxer puppy.
Charge: Here is my gift to you.
Bernard: Aww, a boxer for my boxer.
Akosmia chuckles at that.
Charge: Your welcome, now I got to leave before your husband shows up and causes the world war three.
Bernard: Cassie is a girl and my wife, I wish that you could stay here for longer time.
Charge: Just keep wishing and have a Merry Christmas.
He says as they all got back on the sleigh and leave.
Charge: That is it, so take me to my home and tell me what you want out of this AKO.
She grins as she already had an idea of what she wanted him to do.
They land on the beach as Charge waits for Akosmia to tell him what she wants. She comes out of the sleigh and pulls him closer and to any normal man this would be a sign of romance, but this was Charge we are talking about and this wasn’t even the first thought of his.
Charge: So you want to fight?
Akosima: No , but you can babysit my sister while I go to the city, and well prepare for my gift to you later.
She then kisses him on the cheer and runs to the city.
Energeia: What did she mean?
Charge: I don’t know, but I might like it.
Energiea tilts her head, puzzled.
The End
The return of Christmas Stuff
Here is a gift for some of my da friends, I hope you like it.
Akosima, Energiea and pragma belong to :iconsailorenergy:
Sam belongs to :iconcrystalaura------1: 
Ayumi belongs to :iconhtfman114:
Mei belongs to  :iconcreepypastaamateur: 
Bernard belongs to :iconrenstudios:
since halloween near i was wonder what my characters would dress up as if funds where unlimited and here are some I thought of.
isis: wonder women ( the one that wears pants) alucard from hellsing, a cowboy and well the grim reaper.
charge: Deadpool and well anyone else both male and female from marvel and dc, vegtea and also alucard ( but instead of the actual shows its the teamfourstar versions) and Revy from black lagoon.

any other costume ideas let me know, I wish someone can draw those lol
Today is my last day of winter break, that means I will have to start school tomorrow. Due to this, I will most likely only have time to log on at night and/or weekends and holidays . I still want to continue the rps so don't you worry about that, as far as writing stories, that is going to be a wait and see, my bet is I won't be able to write a story until May, but I will like get a few in before then, but that just depends on school. So have a good day and or night.


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