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I was thinking about bringing back Charge rants, just as a short little thing between breaks, what do you think? What topics do you want to hear about? I would love to hear about what you think. 
Its that time of the year where I tell you that I'm going back to school. So that means my time on here will be shorter than when I'm on break. I will probably only have a couple of hours a day to be on here for writing my stories and rping, but that does not mean i will stop, it just means it would take me longer to reply, and if you haven't heard from me, well please note me then so we can continue. Thanks have a good day.
The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a feature here, showing off some of the deviations in your gallery, that I like most. In turn you must submit a journal like this, and give me the first slot of the 10 features!
first is ReNStudios
Commission - Ryuko Matoi Chibi (Fullcolor) by ReNStudios
-Cassiopeia- Quick Ref by ReNStudios
Comission - TRSE Crew by ReNStudios

I always enjoyed her work, from her lines to her coloring, so much that i usually have her drawing, along with JA drawings, as bases for my characters.

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This city was no place to raise a child with all the drug lords, gangs, and mafia’s running wars against each other in an area that is not well kept as the buildings in some areas look run down and can come crashing down on you at any moment. It’s even more dangerous if the rumors were true about a blue haired mad man wanting to kill everyone. But yet there are children born and raised in this city. Children such as DJ Harris, He, like many other children in this city, a child of a single parent. He is 10 years old with dark skin. He was walking to his home hoping no one will see him. He had heard rumors of local gangs taking children just like him and using them to sell or transport drugs throughout the city. His mother told him to stay away from that and he tried to until today. This was the day that he would run into one of the biggest drug lords in the area, no one really knows what is real name is, but everyone knows his street name Big D. Big D was a white male and was standing at 6 feet 5 inches and was full of muscle with hair as red as fire.
DJ was walking home from a long day at school when he heard a man scream causing him to look to his left. What he saw was Big D and five of his men beating a twenty something year old man. He was begging for his life, but they fell on deaf ears. He then looks up and notices DJ and orders his men to beat the man as he walks over to DJ. DJ wanted to run but he was frozen in fear.
Big D:  Well looks what we got here, DJ is that you?
(Looks closer)
Big D: That is you. Boy what you think of the offer?
DJ: umm...umm.umm
Big D: Boy speak up
DJ: No I will not sell your drugs.
Big D gets and angry look on his face as it was red as an apple.  
Big D: Do you know what happen to the last kid who said no to me?
DJ remembers hearing about the boy death on the news. The kid and his whole family were butchered so bad that the police could only use their teeth to identify them. Rumors said that it was Big D who had ordered the hit against the family after the kid had refused to transport cocaine throughout the city. This worried DJ to the point where he was shaking.
Big D:  Aww look at that, he shaking.
He pats him on the head.
Big D: Now are you going to transport the drugs?
DJ shacks his head no as he steps back
Big D face turns red in anger as DJ starts running as fast as he could. He was hoping he could out run Big D and his gang. He looks back and sees that they were gone. He starts to slow down and catch his breath. Now he is worried on what could happen to him and his family. He starts walking home. As he starts walking home he sees his mother walking into the house. She looked tired after working a twelve hour shift. She looked tired. Her eyes were red like brick and you can see the lines under her eyes a mile away. DJ runs up to her and hugs her close.
Mother: Ok then, what you do?
DJ: I had a long day.
Mother: You and me both hun, let’s go in and get some dinner.
Before she could open the door three cars stop in front of the door. Three ski mask wearing men were coming out of each car. The mother was surprised as DJ was scared. He thought he had gotten rid of them, he was hoping this would have been over by now, but he was wrong as it was only the beginning. They quickly grab both of them and shoved them in the car. The kidnappers placed bags over DJ and his mother heads and they drove off. It felt like hours when the cars finally stopped and the bags were removed from the heads and were forced out of the car. They saw an abandon lumber factory.  It’s been closed for a few months due to the city economy going downhill.  They were pushed into the entranced of the factory were Big D was waiting. He was sitting in a thrown like chair with a grin on his smile.
Big D: Well well look who came over here. I told you boy that I’ll get you, but no you had to run away. Now you got your mother in all of this. Well I guess you don’t have any respect for her now do you? Aw well, I’ll just put her on the streets after I break her.
The mother struggled to get out of the grip the men held on her. She knew nothing good would come out of this, so she had to try to have her and her son escape. But it was difficult as the grip was tight as a blood pressure meter. She screamed in anger.
One of the men had punched her in the gut to make her stop. The impact was so hard that she started having blood on her mouth. This made Big D to laugh.
Big D:  Come on now you think I’ll be in an area where people can hear you scream? You must be the dumbest bitch I have ever known.
She then spits her blood on to him. This turned Big D laughter into anger as he signaled his men to beat on her some more. They did this using whatever they could use. Their fist, feet, a crow bar and a pistol were used to beat her bloody. DJ was crying as he sees her get beaten. He felt so guilty for putting her in this situation. All he had to do was say yes to whatever Big D said; if he did she wouldn’t have been in this situation. Now she was getting beaten to death. Thoughts like that ran through his head until he notices that the guy holding him was losing his grip. He took the opportunity to kick him in the shin and biting his hand causing the guy to scream and let go. DJ then runs out to go find help leaving Big D angry.
Big D: You fucking morons, go get that kid or die.
His men nodded as they go after him. DJ left was just outside the factory, only to slow down to catch his breath. He looked around to only see a few roads that left the factory. He had to choose one and quickly has he heard the sounds of four wheelers coming his way. He started to run again as four of DJ men were chasing after him. He runs as fast as he could to one of the roads, and lucky for him, it was a short road that leads to a beach.
DJ: Good a beach maybe there someone who can help me.
He says to himself as he runs to the beach. As he runs he notices that it is pretty much empty. This was due to not being beach season there for not many people were there on the beach, He heard the engines of the four wheelers coming for him so he decided to run to a nearby pier to hide under and pray that they don’t find him and hurt him.  Sadly his prayers weren’t answered as the men quickly surround the pier after following his tracks to it.
Man One: Come on out you little bastard
Men Two: Yea all we want to do is play
The other two started to chuckle as DJ was still hiding.
Man One: Ok you got to the count of three to get out of where you are hiding or we blow the shit out of this place, ok. One… two (guns starting clicking as ammo was adding to them) Thr…
They all heard sounds of a young dog and a man walking towards them. DJ was able to see him as well. The man was a short blue haired who was wearing a gray sweat shirt and sweat pants. A blue baseball cap was blocking his face and the dog was a black furred pit bull puppy. It was happily wagging its tail and panting until one of the men decided to shoot his gun near them in the hopes of scarring them off but they just stood there.
Man One: Leave now or the next one will hit the target.
He says as e points the gun at the dog. They all heard growling but it didn’t come from the dog as man took off his hat and tosses to the ground and leaps on to the man causing him to fall back and fire his gun into the air. The blue haired man then starts punching the gunman face. The gunman tried to shoot the blue haired man face but it blocked as the blue haired man rips the gun man arm off and beats him with it. The blood followed like it was water to a flooded river. The other men were shocked and DJ peed himself in fear in what he just saw. Thoughts were running through his head. The rumors in the city were true; there was a blue haired demon in this city that was killing people. DJ turned around to run away when a black hair biker women was standing behind him.
He stepped back in fear of what she might do. She might beat him; kill him, thoughts like that ran quickly to his head until she did something he didn’t suspect. She hugged him. It was a warm hug, and it wasn’t too tight, it was perfect really. This confused him as he lets go and steps back. Suddenly the blue haired man walks up close to him with the blood of Big D men on him. DJ was scarred as he hides behind the biker woman and was shaking. She looks at the blue haired man with anger as she points her finger towards the ocean as if she was telling him something. He groans as he walks to the ocean and washes himself. The biker woman then pull a note pad and write something down on it and gives it to DJ. The note reads Isis.
DJ: Isis?
Isis nods and points to herself.
DJ: You’re Isis?
She nods again and gives him another note reading Charge.
DJ: Charge?
She points to the blue haired man
DJ: Why is he called…?
He sees electricity flow in charge body as he washes himself.
Charge gets done cleaning himself and puts the blood stain clothes back and walks back to Isis and DJ.
Charge: So why are you here?
DJ: My Mommy and I were kidnapped by Big D and his gang, I was able to escape.
Charge: She still alive?
DJ: I don’t know
Charge: Well let’s go find out.
DJ: We can’t?
Charge: Why?
DJ: He has men and guns
Charge squeals in excitement
DJ: Why are you squealing?
Charge: Cause, I look forward to a challenge and you’re coming with me.
DJ: Um why?
Charge: One you need to show us where BIG D at and two, to identify your mom bod… I mean to reunite with your mom.
DJ starts to look sad at what charge says. Causing Isis to go to him and hug him in hopes to make him feel better. It did a little as his mood slightly changed.
DJ: Fine I’ll go but I’ll go with Isis.
Charge: Fine, but I get first dibs.
DJ: Ok you got it.
They get on the four-wheeler Big D men had left. Isis places DJ behind her so he wouldn’t get hit by rock and other flying stuff. He pointed at the road that he took to get to the beach and they drove off. Charge was so excited he started to sing.
Charge: Pun-pun-punch your face, Pun-pun-punch your face. Can’t deny, can’t deny I’m gonna punch your face. Make you bleed all over the floor.
DJ looks a little worried and he hopes that his mom ok. He didn’t want to leave her but he had to in the hopes to find someone to rescue her. They are close to the entrance when they stop to look around. They see guards with heavy machine guns causing charge to giggle with delight.
Charge: Last one there is a rotten egg.
He says this as he pots a wheelie and races to the entrance at high speeds. The guards see him and start shooting at him. The bullets were being by an electronic force surrounding him. He jumps off the four-wheeler causing it to run into the entrance and the guards diving out of the way. He then zaps the four-wheeler causing it to explode and blow the door open. He runs in what can be heard was bullets, men screaming and charge laughter. Isis it would be safer for her and DJ to go near the back entrance since most of the guards would be busy with charge. As she rides to the back gate she stops and gets off then looks at DJ.  She points her finger at him and then to the ground indicating she wants him to stay here, but this was his was his mom they were trying to save, he wasn’t just going to sit back and watch. So as she climb over the fence and ran off, he got off the four-wheeler and found a whole big enough to fit through and started following her.
Once they got inside, Isis notices that DJ was with her. She was not happy with it, but there really isn’t much she can do about it. As they walk throughout the place, they see a bunch of rusted buzz saws that use to cut the wood, chains dangling everywhere, but what really stood out was the smell. This place smelled death and oak trees. DJ hears a loud moan and then a scream. He runs to it with Isis following him and what they see is his mom being tied by chains, hanging upside down just above a wood chipper. Isis grabs the chain and starts pulling her up when a shadow gets her attention forcing her to look back and see Big D holding DJ and pointing a gun to his head.
Big D: Well well looks like we got a party pooper here, I’ll count to three and if you don’t let her go I’ll blow his brains out. One…
Nothing happens
Big D: You think I’m playing? Two...
Nothing happens, causing DJ to look very scared for his life.
Big D: Ok. Thr…
He screams as he bust through the door like the Kool aid man.  He was red as him as well since being covered in blood and leaving a blood trail.  This led everyone but Isis into having shocked expressions on their faces.
Big D: My my men
Charge: So umm who are you?
Big D: Big D and you just killed all my fucking men.
Charge: O you’re the one I’m looking for, now before I kill you, does the D stand for something? Like Big Dingle berry?
Big D: No
Charge: Big Douchebag?
Big D: No
Charge: Big Dumbass?
Big D: No
Charge: Damn I was hoping that one cause you must be one if you think you’re going to win against me.
Big D: I’ll blow this kid head off if you come closer.
Charge: Good, you think I would care? That would stop me from using the skin on you face to wipe my ass?
Big D looks even more shocked
Charge: Of course I could be stalling?
He says as he points to Isis who already pulled up the mother and untied her.  She then uses a chain as a whip to hit him with causing him to lose his grip on DJ causing him to run to his mother.  She then raps the chain around her fist and punches him to the ground. She then uses the chain to hog tie him and kicks the gun away. DJ looks at his mom.
DJ: Let’s go home mommy
She nods in agreement.  Isis escorts them out of the factory to the four-wheelers as the mother looks at Isis, she smiles as a way to say thank you as she gets on the four-wheeler and takes her kid home. This left Charge and Big D a lone.
Charge: All look mom a new toy.
He then picks him up and tosses him into the wood chipper. You can hear his scream as his body his body was being ripped apart by the blades. The bones were cracking, muscles being torn and shredded as he goes deeper into the wood chipper. Blood was splatter everywhere, like a little kid who dropped a big can of paint all over the floor. This made Charge smile as he watched the whole thing until it was done. Then he walked to Isis and they rode off into the sunset on the other four-wheeler
I was thinking about bringing back Charge rants, just as a short little thing between breaks, what do you think? What topics do you want to hear about? I would love to hear about what you think. 


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