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Later this week school starts for me. This means I have less time to rp. It will most likely be at night for a couple of hours during weekdays and a little more on weekends, it really depends on the classes. So thank you guys for understanding.
A Dog Day
It was a cold dark night as four twenty something men were riding a red Ford F-150 pickup truck. These men names were James Smith, Josh Gunner, Andrew Gates and Kenny Stewart.  They were all wanted for several robberies and murder across the city. There last break in resulted in the murder of 82 year old Melissa Stanford. They took her property which included a four year old beagle and her 8 puppies, which were just a week old. They were two separate cages.  The men started noticing that they were stopping at a pier.
Kenny: So why are we here?
James: It’s simple; we are going to have some fun and toss these puppies into the ocean.
The rest started to laugh until they realized that James wasn’t laughing.
Kenny: Wow umm you weren’t kidding.
James: No I wasn’t.
Andrew: Wait why not just sell them to people or something and make more money.
James: Because I want to see them struggle against the ocean current as there little paws struggle to bring their little bodies up a float and fail to do so.
Josh: Now that’s just insane.
James: O now you worry about life, where was that when I blew that old lady head into mush?
Kenny: That was different.
Andrew: Yeah we just needed her stuff.
James: Let’s face it we are all killers here.
Andrew: Yea but...
James pulls out a pistol and points it to Andrew head.
Kenny: Whoa!
Josh: Holy Shit!
James: Now that I got all you guy’s attention, I want you to grab those puppies and one by one toss them into the ocean.
Andrew: But but…
James: Everyone out of the car now!
Starts waving his gun around as everyone quickly got out of the truck and grab the cage with the puppies.
James: Now get the fat one Kenny.
Kenny grabs a Saint Bernard puppy whose eyes weren’t even open yet as it cries for its mother.
James: Now toss it into the ocean.
Kenny: But…
James shoots his gun in the air.
James: I said toss it.
Kenny tosses the puppy into the cold blues ocean as the puppy and the mother scream that can be heard from blocks away as she was helpless to save her child who is now under the water and has drowned.
James: See? That wasn’t hard was it? I can tell we are going to have a good time. Nothing can ruin this. Time for the next one.
Mean while at the side walk near the pier, Charge was walking showing off his new Starlord jacket that someone had donated at good will.
Charge sings: Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga I can’t stop this feeling deep inside of me, Girl you just don’t realize what you done to me. When you hold me in your arms so tight, you let me know everything all right I’m hooked on a feeling da danna da.
He starts hearing the Saint Bernard helpless cries.
Charge: Sounds like someone needs help from CAPTAINN BADASSS!
He starts walking over to the pier as James saw him coming.
James: Well boy looks like we have our next victim, and that is a lovely jacket, I can’t wait to wear it.
Charge starts laughing.
James: What are you laughing at boy? I have a gun here and that means I have the power.
Charge: Well first off don’t touch my fucking jacket, and second I’m laughing you look like a fucking dumbass to do this shit here and the thought of you having power over anything especially some on like me is hilarious and adorable.
James: Go home to your mother little boy.
Charge: But I had more fun with your mom, I mean having her scream yes over and over all night long was my personal enjoyment.
James looks angry and puts away his gun.
James: Kenny take care of him, he’s not worth the lead, plus I don’t want to ruin the jacket.
Kenny steps forward.
Charge: O boy I hope my creator can make a south park joke.
Kenny: Screw you.
Kenny tries to punch charge, but charge quickly grabs the arm and rips it off, causing Kenny to bleed to death.
Andrew: O my god you killed Kenny.
Josh: You bastard.
Charge: I thought he had it in him and that’s right I’m a bastard now for the rest…
James pulls out his gun and shoots Charge in the head causing blue blood to go everywhere and his limp body to fall to the ground.
Andrew: What the hell is he?
James: He’s dead now take the jacket off of him and toss his body into the ocean.
Josh and Andrew: Yes sir.
But before they could go near his body, Charge sits up scaring the crap out of all of them.
James: DAMN!
Charge: You know lead can be every bad for your health especially when you are shooting it at me.
He starts zapping at them as James dodges the other two weren’t so lucky causing them to get fried to death having smoke come out of their eyes and ears.
James: Wow we are alike.
Charge: O boy here comes the psycho mumble jumble were you say we are much alike and I say no we are nothing alike, then you bring up something we have in common like what we did or what happen in our past, which makes me realize that we might be alike after all and I’m supposed to feel sorry for you and help you out or some shit like that, well that’s not going to work.
James: But you kill people and I kill people.
Charge: I don’t kill puppies.
James: But you kill people.
Charge: Exactly, now I’m gonna go Bane on your ass.
James: Wait what?
Charge picks him up over his head and smashes James back over his knee.
James screams: I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!
Charge: Good I can work on your arms.
Grabs them and breaks them causing a snapping sound as James screams in pain.
Charge: Ok time for a swim.
He picks James up and tosses him into the ocean and sees him sink to the bottom.
Charge: Bye bye bitch see you in hell.
Turns around and sees the puppies and dog in their cages
Charge: Don’t worry guys I hate Michael Vick  
He picks up the cages
Charge: Let’s find you guys a home
He starts walking away and singing Hook on a feeling.
The End

so please watch and spread this around


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